Detox with guidance in a luxurious spa hotel

Would you like to feel better? Get your body back in shape, clean and healthy? Treat yourself to a detox weekend! With full focus on your health, and on you! Detox weekend

Body and mind in balance. Choose our Tackle-It-All Programme

You can juice fast or mild fast under guidance. On top of that we offer several other tools to get your body and mind totally back in shape:

Fit & strong: plenty of movement with 2 yoga classes daily, a guided walk every afternoon, a large swimming pool and a fitness room.
Rest & relaxation: to relax your mind as well you can join a meditation every evening, enjoy the fantastic sauna, the large library, or treat yourself to a massage, some coaching or other treatments.
Lasting results: we offer a comprehensive workshop on healthy nutrition, including personal nutritional advice – so that you make a new start and keep moving forward, even after you’ve returned home.

Detox through juice fasting

Detox juice fastingThrough juice fasting, you will free your body from all the waste products that have been collecting in your tissue over time and can cause lack of energy and different ailments. Through fasting, you enable your liver to clean up and do it’s second most important task more efficiently: breaking down fat cells! You will notice a big change: your body will feel increasingly clean, and you will also note an increase of energy. Fasting has therefor been used since the antiquity as a way to cleanse both the body and mind. During the detox weekend you will not eat anything, but instead will drink freshly-pressed organic fruit and vegetable juices (circa 4 glasses per day) and as much water and herbal tea as you wish. It is important that you steadily reduce your food intake before the diet, and steadily increase it again afterwards. You will receive extensive guidance on this once you sign up for the detox weekend. Click here for frequent questions & answers about juice detoxing.

Mild fasting:
You can also choose to mild fast in stead of juice fast. The mild fasting package contains the same ingredients as our juice fasting package, plus fruit, veggies and crackers.

Weekend detox: 3 day retreat including:

  • 2 nights in a 4* spa-hotel (read more about the location)
  • The Detox Package: * 3 days of juice diet with fresh organic juices (read more about the juice diet) * 1 liver pack daily * Participation in the Nutrition Workshop * Information, guidance & support
  • Mild fasting package can be optionally booked for € 25 (same as Detox Package plus fruit, veggies and crackers)
  • Unlimited access to the swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath
  • Unlimited use of fitness room
  • 4 yoga classes (read more about yoga)
  • 1 guided meditation daily
  • 1 guided walk daily
  • Free book lending
  • Painting supplies for optional hire (easels, paint, canvases)
  • Bicycles for optional hire
  • Massages, beauty treatments, and coaching can be optionally booked (read more about the treatments)
  • Various optional courses and workshops
Total price € 450* / € 490 p.p. (based on 2 persons per room)
* Get a € 40 early bird discount by booking 2 months in advance or more. 
* Should you prefer to have a private room, a surcharge of € 100 will apply.
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Dagschema detoxenDetox Weekend Programme

The programme lasts from Friday 17:00 until Sunday 17:00. If you wish, you may check in from 15:00 on and enjoy the sauna facilities. Please indicate this on your booking form. The adjoining programme provides a guideline. The programme elements and times may be subject to change. Lighthouse Works uses the ‘nothing must, everything may’ principle. This means you are free to choose whether you want to participate in classes or other programme items.

The location The Lighthouse Works weekends take place in a beautiful hotel in the middle of the Veluwe forest (more info about the location). This luxurious 4* hotel features everything you may wish for a lovely weekend of relaxation: a swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, sun terrace, beauty centre, fitness room, pool and snooker tables, table tennis, rental bikes, trails and exquisite rooms with box-spring beds. In the hotel, we have our own room, in order to follow our programme in full privacy. The hotel is nearby Ermelo, about an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. The address and itinerary are included in the preparatory email which you will receive after booking. You will be lodging in a 2 person room (based on same-sex assignment). Should you prefer to have your own room, a surcharge of € 100 will apply. You may indicate your wishes on the booking form.

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Do you have any questions? Find your answer at the FAQs page or contact us!

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